Below you can find my official merchants who are licensed to print and distribute my sculptures directly to you. I know each of these merchants personally and trust them to deliver the best quality and the best service possible.  I have divided them into regions depending on where they are based.

If you have purchased any of my models from anyone other than those listed here it is not an officially licensed model and is counterfeit.



United States



South Africa


Kraken Gaming UK

Glorious Badger UK

Realm Shapers UK


Chris Frosin 3D Prints UK


Mayo Miniatures UK


Oda Models Spain


CrystalTech Poland


The Miniatures Guild Denmark


AtelierDeLaTour3D France

Immortalizing Miniprints Netherlands


 ThreeDTreasury Hungary (Not Safe For Work Content Warning)

United States

3D Resin Works

Precision Resin

UNB10 3D Printing

H Studios

Rogue Dream Studios

Nerd Bunker Minis

Kapiko Printed

Del's Models and Minis

Lasertek Creations



George's 3D Shop  

Paint and Display

Ex Nihilo 3D Studio

Serix's Bag of Holding


Midnite Maker

Garfie's Games

South Africa

Madness 3D