Club Membership FAQs

Ritual Design Club membership is a subscription service very much like Patreon or My Mini Factory Tribes, only there is no service taking a percentage of my earnings. Signing up for a monthly or annual subscription will grant you access to the rewards for that tier. It helps to support me as an artist, enabling me to deliver monthly models for 3D printing and painting.

After you have chosen your preferred tier based on the rewards you want, simply add it to your basket like you would with any other product. You will be asked to create an account when you checkout, and upon completing your order your membership begins. You will receive an email confirming your membership and information on how to cancel it.

Once this is complete your rewards will be automatically fulfilled via email. You will receive links to claim your rewards on and you may use your discount on all models in the store.

You will be billed once you checkout and your membership will be valid until the end of the month you signed up. After that, you will be billed on the 1st of the month automatically if you selected a monthly membership, or you will be billed the day after your yearly subscription comes to an end.

Billing takes place on the 1st of each month at 00:01 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

The current rewards are as follows, which ones you receive will depend on the tier you choose:

  • 35% Store Discount - This is valid for all previous models. The discount code "RDC" can be entered at checkout for 35% off. There will also be sales where Members will get an additional discount, the code will remain the same, but the discount would be increased. 
  • A welcome pack of over 10 models (and counting) and busts of various themes, most are pre-supported and ready to print. You can see what it includes here.
  • 4K Renders - Renders of the Monthly Model from different angles in both SFW and NSFW where applicable. 
  • Work In Progress Updates - I share Work in Progress images throughout the month to show progress. You can find these updates on the Blog.

  • The Monthly Model Release Pack - The 1:10 scale model pack which includes:
    •  1:10 Scale Statue - The monthly model as combined, multi-part, and pre-supported STL files.
    •  1:10 Scale Bust (where possible) -  A bust version of the main model when a bust version is appropriate and makes sense as combined, multi-part, and pre-supported STL files.
    •  Model variations - Most of my models have at least a few variations, this may include heads with different hair styles, switchable weapons and clothing variations.
    •  Magnet wells (where possible) - To make painting easier, most parts of my models have slots for magnets to be inserted. Magnet sizes depend on the contact points of the model parts. Usually, I aim for 6x3mm round magnet wells but 4x2mm may feature for smaller areas.
    •  Painting practice texture swatch (where possible) - For those new to painting or wary of jumping into painting a large model, I create a texture swatch of all the most prominent textures used on the model. These can range from leather and cloth to embroidery details and ornamental patterns so you can practice before applying paint to the full model. Some models may not have a lot of texture on them and thus will not have a texture swatch.  
  • Commercial Printing License (Merchant Tier Only) - For Merchant Tier Members, the right to sell 3D prints (and only 3D prints) of my models after agreeing to license requirements.

Patreon is simply a blog with a paywall and payment provider that takes 8% of all revenue (not including transaction fees for paying out and converting other currencies into GBP). Its features are lacking for the sort of content I create and I don't feel they earn their 8% cut. Subscribing as a Club Member means I see more of the revenue for my work. It also ensures you don't miss out on your rewards as they're fulfilled automatically instead of relying on the user to find posts and links in a news feed.

Upon signing up as a Club member, you will get near instant delivery of your rewards via email. Once you have signed up and checked out, an order (at no charge) will be placed for the deliverables included in your subscription and will be fulfilled by Keyshop via email. The email will contain links to redeem on

Following this, you will be billed on the 1st of each month, and deliverables you are entitled to will be delivered shortly after billing.

You can enter the code 'RDC' at checkout for a typical 35% off previous models. This discount code will work so long as you have a valid subscription, or until the end of your valid subscription term if you have cancelled renewal.

While the typical discount is 35%, there will be sales throughout the year and members will get larger discounts using this same code.

Please check your Spam filter for emails from Keyshop. Please be sure to add "" to your address book or whitelist to ensure your emails don't get filtered.

Having said that, please be aware that some email providers will outright block some emails if they originate from a server farm that may have been used for spam. This is beyond my control, but if you do not receive your Keyshop emails at all, please notify me via the Contact page and I can send on the links directly to you.

Alternatively, you can find any links for products you own on your Accounts page of this website.

You can manage your subscription through the Account page. Or you can click the link in the email you will have received after signing up originally.

If you didn't create an account during check out, you can create an account using the same email address that you used to sign up. Once the account is created you can manage your subscription through the account page.

You can manage your subscription through the Account page. Or you can click the link in the email you will have received after signing up originally.

From your account page you can click the "Sync Discord" button beneath the subscription information. After entering your Discord login details you will be added to the Ritual Design Discord server and assigned the relevant role for your tier.

With the exception of the Merchant tier, under no circumstances are any files, STLs, 3D prints, casts, images or any other material distributed by myself to be sold. 

Subscribers of the Ritual Design Club Merchant tier, or Merchant Patreon tier must agree to the rules as laid out in the Prophet/Merchant agreement that can be found on the Merchant Agreement page.

By signing up as a Merchant tier Cultist you agree to abide by the rules as laid out in the Merchant Agreement.