August 2020

The Ritual

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Ritual Design August 2020 Release featuring Alara, conducting The Ritual for 3D printing

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The Ritual is a 1:10 scale 3D printable statuette. Featuring Alara, the sorceress, piercing the veil in a forbidden ritual to extract power from The Abyss. Though the denizens of the underworld will not give their power willingly. Can Alara resist the pull of the demonic hordes and complete the ritual?

What You Get

  • 1:10 scale model of Alara conducting The Ritual along with:    
     6 head options - With/without hair, open/closed eyes, and an altered hair shape to hide the frill attachment point if you don't want to use the frill.     
     Magnet Wells - 4x2mm round magnet wells added to all parts of the model capable of supporting them - I had to use smaller ones in this one due to the smaller contact points.    
     SFW and NSFW - As usual SFW and NSFW versions are included along with combined, multipart, and pre-supported files for every single piece
  • 1:10 scale bust versions with the same options as above with additional simple and special stand options.  
  • Demon Skull Pendant Charm  - Originally I sculpted this demon skull to be a pendant, just drill a small hole and add an eyelet and add it to a chain or leather necklace.
  • Texture swatch featuring the  most prominent textures across the models to allow you to practice before committing to the model.  

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