September 2020


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Ritual Design September 2020 Release featuring Mortaya, Death's First Lady, first of the Scythebearers for 3D printing

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Mortaya, first of Death's three chosen Scythebearers. Granted two half-scythes forged from a sliver of Death's own scythe and tasked with ensuring that the natural cycle of life and death continues unimpeded, Mortaya is a fierce warrior and stoic leader of the Scythebearers.

What You Get

  • 1:10 and 1:14 scale model of Mortaya, Death's First Lady featuring:
    • 3 head options - Hood down with hair, hood down and bald, hood up
    • Magnet Wells - 6x3mm and 4x2mm round magnet wells added to all parts of the model capable of supporting them with exception of the base elements.
    • SFW and NSFW - As usual SFW and NSFW versions are included along with combined, multipart, and pre-supported files for every single piece.
    • 4 Scythe Options - Choose the orientations of the scythes. Both forward, both backward, left forward and right back, or left back and right forward.
    • Patreon Exclusive Lightsaber options - Exclusive to the Patreon release, choose from the same orientation options as the scythes.
    • 2 Leg Options - Choose from having shin guards and no shin guards.

  • 1:10 and 1:14 scale bust versions with the same options as above with additional simple and special stand options.  

Note: Due to the size of the scythes the bust versions can only support both scythes facing back. Despite making tweaks to the hands it made little difference and looked horribly awkward and would have resulted in stands making the bust version as tall as the statue itself.

  • 1:1 Scale Scythebearer Pendant - A pendant that marks out the wearer as a Scythebearer, gifted to them by Death himself along with their weapons.
  • 1:1 Lifesize Reaper Scythe - Forged from a slither of Death's own scythe, these fearsome and wickedly sharp blades become a whirlwind of beautiful destruction in the right hands. The chosen weapons of Mortaya and the bane of those who cross the natural order. 
  • Texture swatch - Featuring the  most prominent textures across the models to allow you to practice before committing to the model.  

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Warning: Several eBay stores are operating out of China selling bad casts of my work. If you wish to purchase a physical model, but shipping to your area of the world is too expensive, then please check out my Merchants if you're looking to buy locally to you.

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