March 2021


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Ritual Design March 2021 Release featuring Medusa.

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In this tale Medusa is a victim. Betrayed by Athena, the goddess whom she served, thanks to the actions of Poseidon.  The story goes that Medusa, a priestess of Athena, was a woman of amazing beauty. Her eyes and hair were so beautiful that she alone drew patrons to the temple of Athena from all over Greece just so they could admire her. Athena was grew jealous of this mortal's good looks over time. 

While walking the cliffs and admiring the ocean, Poseidon saw her and became infatuated with her. He appeared to Medusa and asked for her hand. Ever the devoted priestess, she declined the gods offer, which enraged Poseidon. The Greek gods were not known to take rejection lightly, and so Poseidon sexually assaulted Medusa in Athena's own temple. When Athena found out, she was outraged that such an act had taken place in her temple but no god could punish another, and so her anger was turned to Medusa instead. Jealous of her beautiful hair and eyes she turned her hair into live snakes, and cursed Medusa with eyes that would turn men to stone should they gaze into them.

Distraught and hunted as a monster, Medusa hid herself a way and was cursed forevermore to repel attempts on her life with each petrified would-be hero reminding her of the horror she had been turned into.

What You Get

  • 1:10 and 1:14 scale model of Medusa, the Cursed Priestess of Athena featuring:
    •  4 head options - single piece heads with hair, with and without tears, and heads separate from hair for easy of painting both with and without tears. 
    • Optional shoulder cloth - Hanging shoulder cloth is separate and optional. 
    • Single Piece and Multi-Part Base - The base is larger than usual, it has been cut into parts for the smaller form factor printers (5.5" screens), and a full single piece version is included for larger printers (8.9" screens and above)
  • 1:10 and 1:14 scale dual bust version - with choice of simple or special bases.
    • SFW and NSFW, Combined, parts and pre-supported - As usual SFW and NSFW versions are included along with combined, multipart, and pre-supported files for every single piece of the statue and bust.
  • Practice Texture Swatch - Practice painting the 6 most prominent textures of the model. 
  • 1:1 life size Medusa Pendant - A pendant depicting Medusa in a 1:1 scale 
  • 1:1 life size Greek Bronze Helmet - A 1:1 scale helmet 
  • 1:1 life size Bronze Sword - A 1:1 scale bronze sword

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