Ritual Design Merchant Agreement

Notice - The Merchant tier is intended solely for small, independent businesses. Big names, high production and large companies must contact me directly for custom pricing.

By signing up for the Ritual Design Club Merchant tier, or Merchant Patreon tier, you are agreeing to the terms below.


As a subscriber to the Ritual Design Club Merchant tier, or Merchant Patreon tier you are given permissions to:

  • 3D print and sell Ritual Design models released via Ritual Design Club or Patreon or purchased from my website.
  • Make scaled variations available.
  • Use renders, images, art and logos provided by myself or from my website and social media (see exceptions below).
  • Use descriptions and information from my site, store, or other sources in product listings and advertisements, blog, or Patreon posts.


As a member of the Merchant tier, you are NOT permitted to:

  • Sell, give away, or otherwise distribute the STL, Lychee scenes, or any other digital file associated with my work.
  • Sell 3D prints of the following:
    •  Vivi - due to potential copyright infringement with Square Enix.
    •  Models released as Ritual Design Exclusives or those launched via Kickstarter unless a merchant pledge was placed during the Kickstarter.
  • You may not make digital modifications to the files. Any modifications to a model must be done with physical mediums after printing with materials such as green stuff, milliput etc.
  • Use Ritual Casting/Design branded photos - Photos on my social media or website are not taken by myself and are licensed only to myself by the photographer. You must make your own photographic material or use the provided renders in your listings.

The above permissions are granted for the duration of your Merchant Tier subscription. Should you end your subscription to this tier the above permissions are revoked until such a time that you renew the subscription. I reserve the right to revoke prophet/merchant licenses as I see fit.

Additional Stipulations

In addition to the requirement of a Merchant tier subscription or Merchant tier Patreon subscription the following stipulations apply in order to benefit from the permissions granted above.

If further clarification is needed, or if you require additional information or have a request please contact me.

These permissions are subject to change and will be updated when/if needed. Prophets/Merchants will be made aware if this happens.