Eris, The Dune Hunter - Work In Progress Set 1

· By Ben Douglas

Eris, The Dune Hunter - Work In Progress Set 1

Just got done with the large chunk of hard surface modelling for next month's model. Got the giant mechanical hand finished, just need to weather it and give it some damage. Also got the rifle finished, which will need some wear and tear as well. Now I have these pieces finished I can properly pose Eris and get going on her.

Then I'll need to do the giant mechanical worm. In theory the worm should be a case of making just one section and setting up an array along a curve and a central trunk to keep it all together, and then adding a maw and some spiky tentacle type things. Fingers crossed it works out that easy. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get an artistic nude statue done as well.

She will be available for Chosen and Prophet level Cultists on October 1st.